Day 4 and 5 – how much can it rain?

Day 4 and 5

It is not easy to describe what happens when you walk the Camino. You meet so many people, even though the route isn’t as crowded as the French Camino.

I arrived in Gernika today. The route today was all right. A little rain, even less sun but the route was lighter than the first. I am in a hostel with many people I have met on the way.

Last night I had a single room, slept late, but did also do some sightseeing last night. Had an all right late breakfast and arrived a little late at the hostel.

Anyway here are two Germans I have a met a few times, and Chris and Ton, and a little American group.

It’s almost weird, only five days walk and already I have experienced so many things.

But I am going to have an early morning and will get some sleep.


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