Day 6 and 7

Day 6 and 7

It is not easy for me to describe “el Camino”. The way things goes is weird and magical. I have been meeting so many people and quite a few who I frequently run in to.

I eat pinxtos every day and yesterday I had an amazing dinner with anchovies, squid and a lot of meat.

Yesterday and the day before I walked with Marco from Stuttgart. We walked completely different paces, but as he was smoking a lot we seemed to catch up and yesterday we arrived in Bilbao together. Where I met up with Ralp.

Today we met Dirk and we all walked together to Portugella, where there were many familiar faces and a new Danish one. Ralf had to stay another place because of Reggie, the dog,

There are so many things to tell and I don’t know where to start. I am truly great full to be able to have this experience. It’s definitely different from anything else I ever did.

Today was not amazing nature, but nice company, beer and sun. The last days have still been muddy, and wet and nice.




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  1. You are doing so well. Good to read that you’re enjoying the Camino experience. Buen Camino

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