Santiago de Compostela!!!

Today I arrived in Santiago de Compostela at around 12:30 – and it was a nice sunny welcome. I decided to leave before my Camino family and walked already 5.20 am in the dark with my head lamp. As I would like to walk in to Santiago de Compostela on my own to finish my personal project.

I walked a lot by the main road and I walked alone until I crossed the Camino and the Camino was packed with people! It was strange as usually on the del Norte I usually only saw the same people.

But I did it! I got my Compostela- the diploma for having done the Camino. I am now in the flat with my Camino family – happy and tired. I am not sure what I am going to do the last week… I am tired of walking in the rain… will have to see tomorrow.

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