From day 0…

As I realize that I haven’t been the best writer on my Camino, I have decided to go back and give a more clear description of each day. Starting from the first day of walking. As a beginning I am going to list all the distances here, and now I can also honestly tell you about the rain, mudd, knee and feet problems – because everything is good now. So my mother doesn’t have to worry too much (jeg elsker Jer alle).

I will give more details about distances, accommodation, food etc.

1. San Sebastián
2. Zumia
3. Ibiri Auzoa
4. Markina-Xemein
5. Gernika
6. Bilbao
7. Portugalete
8. Castro Urdiales
9. Laredo
10. Güemes
11. Boo de Piélagos
12. Santillani del Mar

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