Day 0 and day 1

Day 0 and day 1

The red carpet- when a journey has a smooth beginning.I don’t want to jinx anything, but my Camino had an amazing beginning. Monday I made 4 kilos meatballs for family and friends as a good bye dinner. My guest left early and I did most of the dishes. On the day of the Camino I woke up before the alarm and I left in good time.

When I got to airport I there was very few people and I was told to go to the fast lane – so no waiting at all and I had a conversation about the Camino and my fivefinger shoes with the security staff. On the plane I had a nice… eh… not chat, because she was deaf, with an Italian lady.. She was going to walk the French Camino and I helped her getting transportation to Saint Jean pied de Port.

The airport was very small, I spoke to some British tourist waiting for the bus, which I took to Hendaya and crossed the boarder to Spain walking. I found the hostel or albergues which they are called, and there were people from Spain, Germany, England, France, South Korea, United States, Taiwan and probably other countries as well.
I went for dinner and it was eatable 😂 but I met Jack Pan from Taiwan, who had 25kg in his backpack but the volunteers convinced him to send his gear to his destination.

I slept in a room with Paco from Madrid and Heinz from Germany. It went well, I fell asleep, woke up a few times, but was rested early next morning. There was breakfast, coffee and pastry and some bread. And I started walking alone. The weathers great but actually nice that it wasn’t too hot. After a while I met Paco and a British lady. The last one was struggling walking and I am slightly worried if she is all right. I walked along and Paco caught up with me. We walked for a while together and the met Chris from England and Tom from Canada, who walked together and they had met on the French Camino some years ago.

And the scenery was amazing! So beautiful. The path was a little muddy some places but alright and my fivefinger shoes managed very well. I believe I walked about 29 km today or 39.224 steps. I feel very happy now. Chris and Tom had booked a room in a new hostel, and I got a bed here. Very fancy hostel with a “private” bed, which means it has a curtain and light…

My feet are a little tired, have to remember to stretch.

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